Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Now Open!

Kuya opens its doors to teens this summer!

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus just aired several hours ago, and all I can say is, they got one great production stage. Each Teen contestant was presented in their very unique character. On top of my head... one came out as a hiker, a hoola dancer, a sailor, and some other summer-y personas. As I said, the stage was impressive. I am still to find out what kind of projector they have on. It can possibly be the normal projector as people are coming in front of the screen, and that would naturally cast shadows. I think ABS-CBN has that some sort of an Big LCD screen, similar to those that you can see in Edsa TV ads, or the one in Megamall and just in front of CCP Complex in Manila. For those who know the technical term for this fantastic screen, please enlighten. They have two of these screens during the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus first episode. They have one as a backdrop and they have a similar one on the front bottom part of the stage itself. Impressive, I may say.

Toni Gonzaga, the famed TV host of Pinoy Big Brother, looks fantastic and oh so sexy in that summerish long dress that she has on. I doubt if I can find one of that in Shapes boutique, and at that, I doubt it if I can afford one too. ;-)

Louis Manzano, the only guy host of Pinoy Big Brother, oh well... I got no comment on this guy. All I can say is, I find his dad hotter and a better host as he is. But he's okay. He's a good host for his age. Well... so goes my 'no comment'. Lol.

Mariel and Bianca Gonzales also look fab that night. Although it can really be tough to dress in different costumes every commercial break. They both look energetic and they seem happy in what they do.

Just so I can have it on record, I find the hosts of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus very well versed in what they do compared to other hosts who read their scripts oh so obviously. Okay, those hosts I am pertaining to are... the De Belen sisters. Lol. Seriously, observe them on their morning show and you would get what I mean.

I would post updates on this blog on what's going on and around the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus House. I just hope I have the time and the interest to watch it everyday. Lol.

I would post Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus contestant profiles soon enough!
I'll keep you guys posted!

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